Metamorphic Geodes

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I only really see one problem with these so far, and that is that they give Anima Crystals. It is the only drop on its table that has a total amount of one use: GWD2 rep. I am not saying that this is a bad drop on the table, slightly unfitting, but that's alright. The problem with it is that once you have achieved maximum GWD2 rep for all factions, the item becomes useless.

I suggest adding a check to when you open a geode, and land on the Anima Crystal drop. Simply check if you have max reputation with all factions. If you do not then you are awarded the geode, if you do however this could go one of two ways. Option A: completely reroll the geode drop. Option B: add another item or table to drop in place of the Anima Crystal.

Note: Option A would not affect the unowned strange/golden rock roll.

10-Jan-2019 00:45:43

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Since when do they care if stuff is useful to us or not? Still got Meg giving you xp lamps in skills you have 200m xp in etc. Now what's an unfun environment when you talk to people and see nonsense being said and stuff like that

10-Jan-2019 01:37:54

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