Whens batch two?

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lost wish said:
This piece of content is pretty fun, a huge step up from Menadross and The Arc. But with that said, we all probably knew they ( the studio) would troll and fuck up something for players that were enjoying it just too much.

What they did to BGH with the recent update was for me just unnecessary and maybe just proves yet again that studio fun is a priority over player fun.

A good very good update, just a pity they couldn't resist souring something that has huge potential.

As I've said the music and artists have done some amazing work, BGH could be semi fun, but jagex are ignoring feedback about it regarding the game play, they are not even acknowledging the players when it comes to pathing systems, lack of marks, spook radios, etc etc. But then they go and implement a bad try with the jadinkos, no-one asked for this!
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16-Jul-2019 11:26:54

Dr Esa
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Dr Esa

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What's wrong with the update? They only need to add teleportation methods or fairy rings to the island unless they make it a quest reward for the new dragonkin questline but that'll be a while until they make that happen. Otherwise they need to make the slayer master give only tasks that are completed on the island because it gave me camel warriors last time, but nonetheless the island really is a bit tedious to navigate. I think 1v1 bossing for big game hunter is a great addition to the game and i'll be looking forward to the patches in the articles, jagex never fails to deliver on those lmao :D

17-Jul-2019 01:11:04

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