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Please give us an option to remove this stupid thing. It doesn't provide any assistance and it is irritating. Have you recently hired fifth graders? Microsoft implemented this same type of garbage 10 or 15 years ago. It was an useless idea then and it is still is useless.

Please give allow us to get rid of it or tell me how to turn it off.

02-Apr-2019 05:56:29

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It was called clipit. ( 80% sure of that ) It was horrrrrrrible.

Please can you tell me how to turn it off. I'm using Firefox browser if that makes any difference.

??? is is a horrible April fools' joke gone wrong and accidentally staying here???

02-Apr-2019 06:57:41

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CuddleBucket said:
It's a bit weird I wonder what on Earth the motivation was or what message they were trying to send.

Preparing us for ads where we can still see the page?

A very odd addition.

Crabs are kind of a meme now on the OSRS subreddit after a crab rave meme got particularly popular. I imagine it's some sort of reference to that, but I'd be lying to you if I told you I knew why they did it on the RS3 wiki.

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02-Apr-2019 12:12:40

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