Incense/Fire spirit loot

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Casket Quest
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Casket Quest

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Hello, i have a concern regarding the updated fire spirit drop table.

Todays update added incense which is a great way to affect both pvm and skilling acitivities, but with the update, it was my assumption that ashes (Impeous, accursed, infernal) would be made available on the drop table.

Seeing as there is no way for ironman skillers to get a hold of ashes otherwise, this update would be dead content for them.

25-Mar-2019 21:34:32

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Cant IM kill imps for the imp ashes and demons for accursed and infernal?

Just use ring of recoil like most other skillers do.
Draco Burnz
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