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laceration boots sound useful to me as someone with bladed dive

i only use bladed dive to zoom around the map, but now that i can use it with a 2h weapon i would be able to actually use it in combat. a lot of people forget if you kill your target with bladed dive it instantly refreshes the cooldown so i could use it to zoom a lot of monsters without havin to dual wield
bring back the lumbridge pig pit

13-Jul-2019 02:51:50

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Blast Diffusion boots are useless for players on revolution mode like me since detonate instantly activates on revolution mode.

Laceration boots are useless since there isn't a tradeable Shattered Worlds Codex that lazy players like myself can use to unlock bladed dive.

Can jagex please make detonate work in revolution mode and add a tradeable Shattered Worlds Codex? Give me one good reason why I should buy either of these boots. Just one.

Just do the weekly challenges for SW, some weeks you might not be able to do if it asks for 2 worlds over 80 (not that getting to 80 is hard) but other weeks they really easy. This week was killing 50 knights and only took a few mins, the silver challenge was also easy so with the anima for the kills that's about 9m within a few mins. I skip the bronze challenge but up to you and the reward unlocks at about 65m so only would take you a few weeks and could have got that many times over by now.

13-Jul-2019 17:00:57

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