Thanks for killing my bank

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Monster Kil2 said:
I lost the best part of 52M with 1400 rune 2h's which i had bought overnight in the GE / my alchemiser. Why couldn't we of just got the price we paid or the current GE price at the time just before the update. I thought the alch price would of been a similar price so i used my tokens to buy a total of 1668 rune 2h's only to find they alch for 2k ea. I tried selling them on the GE only to find they are buying at 500 each. Thanks for ruining my runescape game and obliterating my entire cash stack. There goes DXP for me, Im really angry at the moment, words cannot describe how im feeling. I worked hard to save that money, finally getting somewhere to find it pretty much gone. Is there a way i can revert the items back to tokens or better still have my money back?

Because auto alching your items for current gp prices before the update would make too much sense. They dont think at jagex

07-Jan-2019 18:42:51

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this is not great at all, how come my rune 2h crossbow didn't switch into those rune note that can be exchange for salvage ?? what the am I gonna do with those under value stuff. This is NO GOOD AT ALL. I lost 50m just on the rune 2h crossbow.

07-Jan-2019 18:44:08

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I don't care about the $$. I do care about it destroying my clue scroll rewards tab. I never sell anything from them and just keep all items including rune and minor items. But it was my accomplishment.. Oh well I don't watch twitch or read reddit so I guess that's my fault.

07-Jan-2019 18:46:54

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2 years of working on an update and you cry when you lose 15mill over one night.

Are you ok?
Don't trust a rose by it's appearance, it's thorns will still sting you.

It's the same with humans, some have opinions and some are just crazy.

07-Jan-2019 18:54:54

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May be I am getting to old but just buy some nature runes, thats how us old folks got our first million.

I remember ....... Oh....... maybe I don't

What were we discussing?

07-Jan-2019 19:26:20

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They turned all mithril-addy-rune melee equipement in tokens so you would not lose all your money.

With those tokens you could choose to get weapons or salvage pieces. if you take the salvage pieces, you will be able to alch those for around the same money as the value of your rune weapons/armour before the rework.

if you have exchanged all tokens for weapons/armour... well, then you did not do any research and lost the 15m worth of weapons/armour.

07-Jan-2019 19:27:43

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0mniscient said:
Joshy9096 said:
They very very clearly said MONTHS ago they would remove all the rune items in game and change them, this was on Posts and twitch streams, go and exchange them for rune salvage and you will have your 15mill back its not hard, there is no need to be so rude and agressive towards others in this community for trying to help you out, your money is not lost it just needs to be redeemed for the new items

Twitch streams, GTFO. Should been on front page, not some extras you need to seek out to get information on a game update. Wasn't even in the forum posts.

Yeah, it was. It was in all the developer diaries, of which were also linked on forums.

It's also in the news post today.

"Other Changes

So that's the core of the rework. Because rune is getting moved completely to level 50, we've had to lower its alch value or it would be ridiculous gold per hour. This would ruin a lot of drop tables, so we've gone through and replaced all smithable items with new items called ‘salvage’ which have the same alch value as what they replaced had pre-rework."

This isn't new information.

07-Jan-2019 19:33:59

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