New Rainbow Gaze Cosmetic

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I recently purchased this new item token (for a whopping 325m) expecting it to have similar appearance to the already existing gazes in the game which are obtainable via loyalty points.

The issue I have is that the item looks terrible. From the side character view it disappears from view. It looks like two colour changing circles places haphazardly in front of the eyes. It really looks quite bad, which really sucks due to the current price of the item.

I was wondering if this was a mistake on part of jagex. Is there any plan to make it look more like the pre-existing gazes? I don't understand why this wasn't the case in the first place?

I am not a rich person in the game, but this was an item I really wanted. It truly feels like a waste though and Im posting here in the hopes that it would be fixed/updated. It feels very inconsistent.

I know this is my own fault for buying something before any pictures are posted of it on the wikia. Im just really frustrated with the inconsistency of these "gazes". Surely the current look was not intentional.

30-Apr-2019 09:32:48

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