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Mr Tactic

Mr Tactic

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Why did they change the appearing chance of the liquid gold nymph? It was supposed to be an elite item for miners and now everybody can get it easilly. it just feels like you wasted a lot of hours getting the outfit. Took me at least 40 hours or something, was really an accomplishment.

08-Jan-2019 22:46:02

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In order to get a pickaxe of earth and song, you need a crystal pickaxe and an imcando pickaxe.

In order to get an imcando pickaxe, you need a gilded dragon pickaxe.

In order to get a gilded dragon pickaxe, you need a full set of golden miner outfit.

In order to get a full set of golden miner and a gilded pick, you need a lot of gold nymph triggers.

PS: I had a full et of golden miner, 2 imcando and 2 crystal pickaxes prior to the update in order to get 2 Earth and Song pickaxes upon launch (1 to augment, and one to make my toolbelt fancy).

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As an Ironman, we also had to farm two Dragon Pickaxes, so I understand your grievances. Personally, I don't care that they changed it, it was absurd the amount of chance and time that was involved in getting the Golden Mining Suit and Gilded Pickaxes.

Sure it devalues my accomplishment, but it makes it more accessible to people that do not have as much free time as me.

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I heard something about the nymph coming by more often. I know when the nymph first appeared for me... my connection died. That had me so discouraged I gave up on that. And I was close to 99 mining even then.

Still, making something easier to get means that those who paid a high price in effort to get it... now have an item of a lower value. I can understand how it makes people feel bad. From time to time, though, Jagex extends the game to give maxed players new challenges - and they have to also change what came before, so that new players aren't scared away.

Devaluing old accomplishments was what the reaction to the Evolution of Combat was largely about, so this is a serious issue.

09-Jan-2019 00:26:24

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do you get to specifically choose which pickaxe in your inventory gets gilded? would use the best one i have and keep it in inventory but didnt want to risk it in case it picks a random one in your inventory

09-Jan-2019 14:59:46

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