Liquid Gold Nymph app. chance

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I mean, I wish it would've appeared more frequently when I got all my stuff. Just because we did it the hard way doesn't mean everyone should be forever subject to that way.

But, I mean, if the achievement means so much to you, you can deck yourself out with your golden miner outfit and/or magic golem outfit with a Pickaxe of Earth and Song and go boast around the Lava Flow Mine that you got your duds before the rework.
Here, I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret!

09-Jan-2019 16:19:23



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RuneWiki69 said:
do you get to specifically choose which pickaxe in your inventory gets gilded? would use the best one i have and keep it in inventory but didnt want to risk it in case it picks a random one in your inventory
It's best to use whatever Pickaxe you want to be Gilded directly on the Nymph.

10-Jan-2019 08:07:27

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in all fairness they could have just changed it so that an gilding a pickaxe required a goldey looking nymph, that popped up after a set time (as the golden nymph does now) to make getting the pic easier, and kept the golden mining out fit from a golden nymph that was still rng based

but that would have been more work i suppose, and jagex dont like work lol

10-Jan-2019 09:00:27

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