Big Game Hunter Week 1 Update

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Mini Drops

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So, I am one of the rare ones who was actually enjoying BGH.. but after the week one update, I absolutely hate it. It's the little things, such as the dino now pausing 3 times in succession and one of those pauses being to eat some little animal which throws the dino off it's patterned course? From all the complaints i've read about BGH, people say that it is annoying and they can't get kills fast enough, so you made it more annoying and slower to get kills? What was wrong with the way it was? I'm glad you made the other little changes, but why in the world did you change the pauses? I went from actually enjoying the concept to absolutely hating it, just because of that one small change. It throws off the game completely for me. Especially since the frequency of pauses has seemingly tripled! Before they would pause every 2-3 circles and now they pause every half circle to a little more than a full circle? and 3 times??? I let myself get excited about an update, and I should've known better... Please change this back so I can enjoy something about skilling again besides using RS as something to AFK during other activities.

18-Jul-2019 06:12:48

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