What was this all about?

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Marit Solers
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Marit Solers

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A Message from Granny Potterington
Hello Sugar Plum,
I hope you’re eating well while you’re off slaying dragons and completing quests.
If you have time, maybe you could pay old Granny a visit here on Manor Farm. Sam says he’s seen something funny in the woodshed. Whatever it was kept gibbering about bugs and something called a ‘mining and smithing rework’. I don’t know. Kids these days.
Granny Potterington

01-Apr-2019 11:52:20

Battle Diva

Battle Diva

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Glad I wasn't the only one who woke up confused. lol Couldn't see that Granny had anything new to say and man, I don't know what "the woodshed" is. Been walking around the farm aimlessly for like 15 minutes xD

01-Apr-2019 13:16:43

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This was an incredibly cryptic way to hint at the april fools event THAT AUTOMATICALLY GETS PUT IN YOUR INVENTORY WHEN YOU LOG IN.

Honestly they could have just said there was a surprise delivered to you instead of making us search for a mystical "woodshed".

01-Apr-2019 16:51:40

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