Hunter Marks bugged?

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Zandahar said:
I have been doing various hunter activities: bgh, butterflies, sallies, etc
I WAS getting marks, but now I am not getting any except for the one mark per kill at bgh, yet other clannies are getting quite a few doing the same tasks right next to me. Is there something wrong with my account or some option that I've accidentally turned off so I don't get any marks other than bgh?

JMODS, please help!
I think all thing besides BGH have a cooldown of sorts applied to them.

16-Jul-2019 02:59:58

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Niyah said:
Mini JIT said:
So my dino in hiding and I thought I give butterflies a go as I never tried for marks, 5 mins till my dino comes out of hiding and not 1 mark, but getting fragment drops. Did I have a hour of bad luck or did the hammer come out?
Just very unlucky. I'm still getting them from Black Warlocks, though the rate actually might have gotten reduced with the patch.

Tried again today, 25 hunter urns filled and still not a single mark from them. Loads of fragments and seren spirits. Still getting marks at BGH

16-Jul-2019 14:54:20

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