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Jon Stryder
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Jon Stryder

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From this week's patch notes (released early!)
Mod Shauny said:
Hey everyone, here are this week's patches! We're light this week due to the release of Breaking the Storm plus the Comp Cape Rework, however we do have the actionbar fixes that you requested!

'Breaking the Storm' is the barge event.
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24-Jun-2019 13:30:42

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Mega Duck said:
Grats to all the people who couldn't be bothered with CW! Lets see how much spam we get of people obtaining trim.

What will you devalue next jagex? I say go for the Master of all title capping it off at 99

Not sure MoA is a great example to use there, it never had value beyond showing that you have better RNG than someone else. It's kind of like having a 13 kc Reeves.

On topic. Woo looking forward to being able to play the game again. Honestly appalled that you left the action bar broken for an entire week though.

24-Jun-2019 13:46:21

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