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Drk Kenny
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Drk Kenny

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I agree with original poster. If we wanna play on our consoles why not. Id rather have my laptop for a personal reason though. Mainly I smoke outside alot so figure why not just bring it outside. 158th to max total.

12-Sep-2018 16:22:57

Kaz 3n
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Kaz 3n

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Literally the only way Runescape can be on console is this.

1. Making of Runescape 4 console with a monthly subscription of $20.00
2. There would be no bonds
3. Communication would require a mic or typing like in Dc universe
4. It would have to be a 3rd person game to be able to see your overrides outfits and such
5. There would have to be no Solomon store. Everything will have to be earned.
6. The entire game will have to be remade and approved. Which would not be a huge issue.
7. There could be more to this list but you get the hint.

I do not see them going to console. It would be so epic but you would have an open world like gta or red dead 2 and DC Universe type of setup.
They will lose a lot of money making RuneScape Console. F2P would not exist.
A lot of the game would literally downgrade just to work properly and not confuse the heck out of everyone.

25-Jul-2019 05:04:28

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