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Yum Yum said:
Minigame requirements for Trim comp cape are mostly dead content that are only active when spotlight is active on said minigames. In my opinion, these minigames should be removed as being requirements.

Don't even go there......

They should remain. Take Castlewars for example, people have put countless hours into it to obtain trim. It would be a total punch in the face if it got removed. We have spotlight, so most minigames are still alive and doable when spotlight is active.

Better idea,
dead minigames and make them once again attractive to do.

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Mega Duck

Mega Duck

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Revistronic said:
By your logic though you could say "It would be a total punch in the face" as you state, any time that a new faster method of training a certain level or gaining a certain reward is released.

For example I could come and say "well I got my combat stats 99 10+ years ago which took much longer than it does now..." but I don't consider this a punch in the face.. its just the natural development/evolution of the game.

Dead content should not be included in the requirements, its obvious.

The fact is, you already have 99 in all stats, it doesn't matter if they make it easier or harder since you already have it. Would you feel the same if they reset your stats and made you do it all over again?
If they removed the Castlewars req, which to many is the difference between comp and trim, they would likely make up another 6 month grindy requirement with the same difficulty Aka moving the goal post, which is never cool and also devalues the cape for those who have already done it.

The people who are claiming they can't do the castlewars requirement due to it being dead content are just lazy and want everything handed to them on a platter.
The introduction of Thaler and spotlighted minigames have made it even easier, yet people come out with the same bullshit claiming that everyone lags too much during spotlighted games. Idk about you, but if there are that many people playing on them that it causes lag, i wouldn't call that dead content....

Yum Yum said:
Most people can't even play castle wars on spotlight because they lagg so much and cant even do anything.

So first you complain that it's dead content, then you complain that so many people play that it causes lag... This is a perfect example of people being lazy and just want to get rid of the requirements that they deem too hard for them. If you think it's too hard, don't do it!

01-Mar-2019 21:50:33

Mega Duck

Mega Duck

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Snidey said:
I have highlighted my issue with the proposal, this is a direct contradiction and is pathetic. If you remove the stats and non-stat benefits of the cape, you are completely de-valuing it. You would be better off leaving the comp capes as they are now.


13-Mar-2019 15:19:35

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