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It has already been said, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post twitter replies which gives an explanation.

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Yes. The XP you get from animals can be incredibly high and we didn't feel making it work with double xp weekend would be a good move (players would not engage with the farm til the weekend) this same system affects bonus xp.

A person asked Mod Rowley about magci beans.

Mod Rowley

Nov 7
All they do is grow crops/trees faster than normal; there is nothing different or special about what they grow, so yes, they do count. I am planning to check to see how many get used over this DXP weekend, though, in case we need to change anything about them next time around.

So Double XP Weeked will not work on animals, however for this weekend, it will work on Magic Beans, but will likely be nerfed come the next DXPW.
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08-Nov-2018 13:16:47

Skeleton Man
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Sad Hero said:
I honestly don't think it will u get 90k from an elder dragon and with 3 pens (counting the breeding pen) that's 10 elder dragons that u can harvest from so a total of almost 1m xp without bxp included there's no way they'll make it included with dxp u could go from 97-99 in like 5 minutes lmfao no way it'll happen

RIGHT, that is only FAIR if it is done through TREASURE HUNTER, if you are willing to give jagex hundreds of dollars then you are more than free to gain millions of xp nearly instantly.

Otherwise won't be fair.

P.S. all these people making UNFINISHED POTIONS should NOT be getting double xp.

It should ALL have to be from scratch, if you are not doing from scratch NOTHING should give double xp, I really don't get jagex, that have ZERO integrity, they give and don't give double xp but advertise as actual double xp all while limiting things like prayer but not other things like herblore.

And then the whole lets nerf hunter rates after years because that is unbalanced but ZERO limit to how much MTX you can get, because that isn't unbalance......back and forth, ZERO integrity jagex.

21-Jul-2019 16:00:28

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@ Skeleton Man - This thread was for asking about a DXP weekend from last year. Since it happened last year, this is no longer an active topic for the Future Game Updates Forum.

If you have questions about the upcoming DXP Weekend, you should create a new thread for that, if your question is not answered in the Double XP Weekend page. However, this forum is not for ranting. You'll want the Rants Forum for that.

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22-Jul-2019 15:35:41

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