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Mega Duck

Mega Duck

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All these updates look fab! I am particularly interested in:

Mod Osborne said:

Alternate Divination training method – There are criticisms that Divination is too intensive to be laid back, and too laid back to be fun. This would offer an alternative method of training Divination that finds a sweet spot of either intensity or AFK.

I'm currently going for 120 in all stats, with divination being last on the list, it would be great to see a different way of training and i think many others would agree!

The quest ideas are great, particularly interested in learning more about the spooder! :D

I love the idea of Player-owned town's, even though i imagine it would come with a hefty trim requirement, but who cares, i get to be:
Mega Duck! ^_^

07-Apr-2018 15:33:05

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