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If people just want repetitive bossing and loot, there are plenty of other games for that.
I like Runescape because it is different and has a variety of things to do.

I've played enough repetitive bossing and loot games and it gets very boring after a while.
The same old nonsense, nothing new, Diablo is a good example.
Also, unfortunately you can't please everyone and there will always be ungrateful, spoiled individuals across the planet.

Keep up the good work Jagex I like what you are doing. :)

07-Apr-2018 14:05:04

Scaper Maji
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Scaper Maji

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I really like the idea of a player-owned town, but something of that nature really ought to be an extension to player-owned ports. Think about it: We already have our own house, our own naval fleet, our own flipping kingdom. It would make much more sense if all these new "player owned whatevers" weren't just spread all over the planet.

Plus our port already sits upon what at first glance looks like its own town, when compared to other places like Port Sarim. Why not just make it an extension of that?

07-Apr-2018 14:18:31



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Pizzahatt1 said:
Player-owned town:
I think it would be pretty redundant to make the adventurer the mayor of a town when they're already the regent of Miscellania. In my opinion, the best course of action would be to make this update an expansion to Miscellania.
Yes, I like this idea. Or perhaps a new follow-on quest to explore the sudden appearance of a third island that occurs sometime after completing existing quests on Miscellania and Et Ceteria.

07-Apr-2018 15:15:38



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Mod Osborne said:
Invention golems– gathering daily items (flax, staves, etc) – At high Invention levels, a player will be able to make a golem. This golem can be programmed to automatically gather resources from a selection of NPCs that give them on a daily basis: think pineapples, flax, staves, perhaps even Miscellania. This makes the golem a one-stop location for daily resources.
How about the ability to pay the Farmer extra at the various Farming Plots to harvest, compost, replant, and water using seeds stored with the tool leprechaun? Harvested items could be sent directly to the bank. Might be a good quest reward or a bonus feature for Constructing a storage shed near the plot(s).

07-Apr-2018 15:26:12

Mega Duck
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Mega Duck

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All these updates look fab! I am particularly interested in:

Mod Osborne said:

Alternate Divination training method – There are criticisms that Divination is too intensive to be laid back, and too laid back to be fun. This would offer an alternative method of training Divination that finds a sweet spot of either intensity or AFK.

I'm currently going for 120 in all stats, with divination being last on the list, it would be great to see a different way of training and i think many others would agree!

The quest ideas are great, particularly interested in learning more about the spooder! :D

I love the idea of Player-owned town's, even though i imagine it would come with a hefty trim requirement, but who cares, i get to be:
Mega Duck! ^_^

07-Apr-2018 15:33:05

Iron Gubzs
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Iron Gubzs

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The graphical update for the second-age gear hasn't scored very high because very few players have actually seen the gear.

Runescape doesn't typically have much in terms of reflectivity/lighting/specularity on metal equipment... so the art team tried to paint the lighting onto the second-age gear and...oh no. The metal pieces look like they're made of rubber, and the wooden bits look like they're made of foam.

The equipment looks incredibly commonplace and has none of the immediately recognizable "wow factor" that 3a has. It simply doesn't stand out whatsoever, it doesn't catch the eye. I love the model designs, but the colors are diluted, faded, and dull. It shouldn't be an enormous job to bring up the saturation and contrast values on the textures, and any attempts at updating the shading on the metal pieces can only improve the situation.

As it stand it's a very well-designed group of gear, but rather for a mid-level armor set and not for an exceptionally rare endgame reward. It needs to pop, it needs to look "amazing" because having a piece of it is by all means amazing.

I hope the specific feedback is helpful.

07-Apr-2018 18:06:50 - Last edited on 07-Apr-2018 18:19:37 by Iron Gubzs

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