Completionist Cape Cosmetics

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While we're in the between phases of Completionist Cape's rework, perhaps we could introduce a few levels of customisation to the current (soon to be Legacy Completionist) cape, and updated capes respectively.

- Particles: Particle effects would be even more significant an achievement on the cape with more choice, such as choice of colour, glow effects (such as fading/dimmer particles, much like the Feldip Hills' lanterns on the Gnome Glider landing strip) or rainbow-rotating effects much like the Rainbow Aura's cosmetic effect. If this is all possible, then perhaps, purrticles! By this, I mean Cats or at least Cats' paws or chatheads in a transparent form following you if you've toggled this on.
- Capes for Pets: This may take a fair bit of animations work, but, just as the Lorehound has different forms, your completionist cape would mean even more if it could, say, be worn by your favourite cat, dog, dragon or monkey.
- Caperons - For those who like to push their fashionscape to the max, maybe the ability, with this being one of the ultimate capes in the game, for Completionist Capes to override the chest/body slot, worn as a crafting/cooking apron.

Thoughts, modifications, or any feedback? Feel free to share below!

26-Jul-2019 19:35:02



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Donivan said:
Wait, are they still updating the models on max/comp cape? I thought they just shuffled various req's around and that was it.

I am genuinely excited if they are still going through with this! :)

My suggestion was just off the back of Completionist Cape still being reworked. I do not know the current likelihood of a cosmetic overhaul or enhancement to the customisation options for said capes, I just thought it was worth pitching as a topic for discussion. :)

29-Jul-2019 20:10:13

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