Comp cape without reaper fix

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The question has got to be asked why this is such a problem, why are people reluctant to get comp because of this feat?

I partially agree with Prime Axiom above, a comp cape should in theory cover all major content in the game, of which PVM is a massive part of, if not the largest!

As somebody who hasn't achieved the reaper title yet, why haven't I got it?

Partly time constraints, partly because PvM doesn't motivate me that much, but I think the biggest reason behind it:

The Infrastructure to help players do PvM isn't there. As an occasional player it is very difficult to ever get the time to find a team, learn to boss, or shown how to and the attitudes of elitish PvMers demonstrated beautifully by Prime Axiom above are a reason a lot of players like me are SEVERELY put off going bossing.

In my opinion: Don't remove reaper, heck add more bosses to it if you want, but make it more accessible for the masses with greater in game infrastructure to help players boss, learn to boss, get teams etc.

There are already some small updates like this (the points for teaching players a new boss, grouping system etc.) but these are heavily not beneficial and underused.

Perhaps there can be a bossing hub in game, relative to the new clue scroll hub to hold more information on the attacks of each boss, weaknesses, max hits etc. teams/clans wanting people to help or learn etc. with better rewards, new content/ titles/ accomplishments etc.

06-Mar-2018 19:30:34

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