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Team reaper:

- Hire Death to "duo" any boss with you. You and Death autotele to the chosen boss, Death instakills it and keeps the loot. You unlock the song(s) and receive a kill to the counter.
- Comes at the cost of 500 reaper points per kill.
- Telos comes as the minimum enrage.

* The cost is 33-35m per kill depending on the hydrix price. This means that the player has a clear motive to practice the boss they want to kill. That's for example an easy way to waste ~200m worth of hydrixes just to get the elite dung bosses killed.
* This "easy" version requires a lot of bossing. 6 elite dungeon bosses + Solak + Rago + Angel of Death + Telos + Durzag + Yaka = 6000 points. That's a lot of easier bosses and you'd still have to kill Rax, Nex, Rots, and KK for example. If you're ready to throw that mount of points away, you've really done some serious bossing on low/mid tier bosses for ages.
* The idea is similar as thalers are for the (trim) castle wars req: you can complete the req by grinding other similar themed (minigames/bossing) activities for ages without having to do the "actual" req.
* As no drops are given to the player, the boss log won't be affected and insane final boss title is impossible. Final boss would still be possible, however the cost would be abyssmal even if you used this method just to complete one boss. I can't imagine everyone else than some Youtube celebrities doing 100 Solak kills for example with 50 000 slayer points after being able to get 100 kills on all the other bosses.
* Trim would still require mauling Rago and 100% enrage Telos. Once again, if you can do those and affort spending hundreds or thousands of reaper points, you've done in my opinion enough bossing to be worthy of the trim.

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