Comp cape without reaper fix

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Not fussed. Jagex needs to stop with forcing multiplayer content to a community that clearly does not want it. If I could solo Yakamaru and BM, vorago, Rots and AOD then there would be no problem. They are only ones that stop me from getting final boss.

Thing with Solak which is the reason I am here (no update this month for him) is that once again I need others to do for me... to keep my personal prestige and to me it ruins the game for me to be stopped by a lack of community playing and supporting this update not my own personal faults. Solo content I can't blame anything but myself for my failures.

I think jagex want to force team content to a community that is so set against it. In doing so only forcing 95% to do one kill and leave forever.

I dont have bossing friends so if I cannot solo by any means then to me it is dead content. Solak will be the same. And I know it before it is even released and now I have to anxiously wait for this disaster to not be in each months BTS like raids 2...

Ill get my comp back.. regardless of the ludicrous requirements jagex wants to put on it. Requirements that aren't there for any other reason than to force their sh*t ideas to be played

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I dont mind bosses that require team of like 3-4. 10 as with raids is taking the piss especially when one person can mis-step and get the whole team killed.

I personally have no interest in or time for this idea of being as endgame as possible. I am worth about 20b, and need nothing to better myself. I can do any highly difficult boss but the point is why do i need to??

I have killed 1 yakamaru, 1 Bm, 15 AOD (only for master quest for books), 1 telos, 2 araxxi...

only because comp required it. Have i needed this type of content to be worth billions? No.. Do I need this kind of content and difficulty to enjoy runescape? No

Many people would agree the group PVM community are not the nicest ppl to work with. and we know from a poll that less than 5% want group bosses

Solak is dead content to me before its even released.. I only have 125 NEX kills because I wanted the Emblem.

Does Reaper need to be on comp? No
Why is reaper on comp? To force an update no one wants to be played by a greater majority

I have read somewhere that Solak wont be a comp req but I believe that when I see it

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actually the raids Music req is Yakamaru ii which unlocks on the Mirage phase.. You've done 80-90% of Yakamaru at this point. Like how the queen black dragon music unlocks only on the last phase, Before that it is Awoken

Its not really the idea of group bosses that annoys me about this because I have everything else. It just seems that mod Ramen has been so Anti non-elitist and has created the worst he possibly could that can only help the most elite of Pvmers..

I PVM daily but I do solo and some duo sometimes. Im not the level that corresponds with the type of boss he has created and I can see that a mile off.. He's tried to outdo everyone else, This is nothing but an extreme flexing of his ego and it's at the expense of people who work hard to maintain comp and work for trim/master quest.. I suppose I dislike that more than the idea of Solak.

I find this a big F U to their subscribers/members.

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reaper title doesnt even need to be on trim.. Final boss isn't and there was never any intention to. Putting Reaper on comp had no logic to it and was just done for the sake of it. All it did and all it was going to do was force comp owners to kill it once... That's it.

Solak is aids on phase 1. It is clearly the worst of it and the most unbalanced. The issue most people seem to have is the blights... They are so spectacularly overpowered that the team has no chance if they spawn.. They spawn anyway I think if you dont get to and deplete solaks blue health bar. If you are tanking Solak you need to Melee pray but the blights attack with range and do 3k damage. They stack and so are in essence for deadly than Solak.. How does that work?? it doesnt.

From what I can gather Phase 2-5 is more based on story than just killing a boss. To make it more of an experience if you will.

I have this boss down imo.. It's just so unbalanced and is nothing more than a mishmash of the mechanics of other bosses in way that in my opinion, Hasn't really worked... He has took from AOD, Vorago, Raids, Telos and others and moulded them into one 5 phased giant mess and as I say, it doesn't work... If it werent for the blights in Phase 1 i think it would be bearable

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I got the impression they wanted comp to be more skill than kill based.. But Jagex created this with 120 slayer, invention and this very requirement. the elf city reqs are skill based, artistan workshop and shade burning are skill based. The level of content they have released in the last two years have been all combat based and the comp requirements have reflected that.

Rather than overhaul completionist cape, which is not required, they should make a combatants cape like comp for those elitists that prefer to solak all day.

i have to admit with little or no updates to comp all year.. it has been boring as hell.. the lack of quests has had me wonder what the f*** am I paying for.. Overhauling comp is not required but giving us balanced updates not just chucking out boss after boss after boss. feburary also talks about ed3.. yes needs completion but once again heavily cb based update

The problem with the lack of skilling needed for comp is the fact they are not releasing anything decent non-cb based. as far as mining and smithing goes its been drummed up that much you will only be disappointed.

also the only comp requirement for POF is a few music tracks and a time gate to fix the seasoniliser. The only comp req with elite dungeons is ONLY the bosses and Music.. Jagex chose to not add suitable requirements to comp. only exception is like they did with the Arc.. They also chose to make almost nothing in Menaphos a comp req

I agree with completionist meaning completionist.. ive done what i needed to and am nearly trimmed. Jagex are choosing not to put stuff on comp and there comes a point when you have to ask, for that reason, Why reaper? Why when you fail to add appropriate things to comp that this is necessary?

Forcing endgame/group content?

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I am pretty annoyed because I lack the understanding of their plans and who they will listen to . The thing is I have little sympathy for Comp's haters.. Its not about elitism, believe me I am not the kind of person to belittle anybody by my achievements in this game but I am proud of them and I am not afraid to flaunt it. The people who are giving them the opinions should be making their accounts known to Jagex. Jagex should be basing their feedback on those accounts who are comped or working towards comp. I feel this game is being ruined by try hard nerds that have nothing in this game giving them the feedback to change things they have done ZERO effort in achieving. Taking ideas from people who have some "greeny eyed" hatred for completionist cape for some apparent reason that I dont specifically care about and then ending up with a cape that is merely a shadow of its former self or like Sirenic armour.. Now visually ruined

Their attempts to rework something that I have spent THOUSANDS of hours in getting and maintaining to now upgrading to being almost positive that by the time this comes I will be trimmed..

Puts me on edge. I am happy with my cape. I will get what I need to to keep it. Comp has become a chore for its owners to maintain but one that as a community we've accepted as a part of our day to day RS life. Endgame content has never been needed, neccessary or even wanted especially on a group req level. This is NOT World of Warcraft and it never will be. We are annoyed not really by reaper (thats just the excuse/reason) but by the agenda to force us into that elitist cesspit of pure toxicity you call "PVM streamers" That's all Solak was, A elitist ex-Streamer making a boss for and to kill as many of his co-streamers as possible. It wasn't an update for the community but the community were forced to do it. For his twisted kicks and lols.

Consistently laughed at on social media by it's creator. You need to change your staff not comp

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The problem I have with this is there are several updates in the past months upto and including the entire year where things that I would expect to be on comp.. Were not put on comp

Absolutely ZERO of it was put on Trimmed. Personally I would like Trim to boost the Comp capes stats and add more than just a golden trim, emote and smoke which is all it currently does but I dont mind.

When the new divination skilling method came, the Archivist title should have been put on trimmed but it wasn't. Completing the breeding log in player owned farms should be a trim requirement but it isnt... I would agree with the Elite title but I think they need to seriously fix aminishi because it is not worth doing compared to ed2. ED2 is perfect with a few glitchy flaws where ED1 is trash until the very last fight. ED2 designs itself according to group size, ED1 doesn't. There are many aspects of ED2 which are more solo friendly and with 200m Codexes..... Why would anyone ED1.. Jagex needs to add drops that make it worthwhile. Aminishi is a dungeon that requires t90+ to obtain T88 weapons.

How many times have I bug reported Astellarn the first celestial? I have forgotten. Fixing the safe spot (which I never knew about let alone used with 51 solos) was great, the mechanics should not be avoided, But in fixing that you've created issues with the wormhole doing damage sometimes when no where in its space. and in other cases the Neutron Star spawns BEFORE the wormhole. It shouldn't do that. It should spawn after.

Like with Kyle and Solak.. Your staff seem to revel in glitched content that kills players when the issue buffs the boss but you are quick enough to fix it when the player has the advantage. Kyle sat on Twitter lapping up the death counts calling his boss unbeatable when it was practically broken. He soon got off his chunky ass when a glitch allowed players to kill him. You need to change a few things your end first.

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The only change they need to make to be honest is trimmed.. We've done all this extra stuff for a bit of golden smoke, There is NOTHING about it that boosts our characters physically in game and I think that should change

The issues with comp have been created by Jagex. They have added pointless/useless and unneccessary things to comp to force group content which all it does is force the majority out of that elitist cesspit that wants to charge you 350m for a kill. Jagex are completely backwards if they cater to that mentality before the majority of their paying customers. They can avoid leeching at the entrance but they wont avoid the service. Putting this crap on comp creates the issue. You force people who do not endgame boss to pay those that do for the requirement. My understanding lacks in that Jagex will fail to req more appropriate things as before mentioned

Being forced to do something

If you have to question what we as completionists mean by that then it's obvious you are not comped. Or nearly so... You have much to learn of the feeling of being forced to do content with TOXIC individuals or accept defeat. Anyone that has invested so much of a chunk of their life into something just doesnt in any circumstance decide: "oh I don't want to do that so I will accept I cannot have my cape anymore." It doesn't happen. When you've invested so much of your time into being trimmed then for you maintaining it becomes a chore. Comp isn't just stats and some arrogant fashionscape.

I am PVM orientated so it doesn't really affect me but I still feel annoyed because I dislike elitism in PVM. It's a toxic community and I want to stay away from it and prefer to solo. When my proudest achievement is put infront of it.. The feeling of having to get it back takes over. Its does not make me enjoy my gaming experience knowing PVM toxicity oh to well.

Maybe one day you'll come to learn that feeling. But I doubt for a few years

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For one, reaper separates itself between group and solo. It has always done that. Solo reaper will always give you the monsters from Morevran's special and GW2 and telos.. It wont give you ED1/2, vorago, Solak etc. So the separation is there if you set it that way

What they should of done with Reaper is make the blue reaper title Soloable locked and provide a recoloured version to those that have the group bosses too.. Much like red and gold final boss titles. Gold being hardmode and pets obtained.

Having got the title I can say put the GROUP included title on Trimmed. That would of made sense.. But when it was actually their own words that said the red FINAL BOSS title was too good for trimmed the question began so why is any of this on comp?

Once again jagex mentality dictated the failure to put content in the places they are supposed to. Its not a comp caper's fault that jagex have chosen not to put stuff on trimmed comp but the fact they have done that begs the question why was any of this necessary?

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Regardless of what opinions I have and we have collectively I think I know where this is going...

There are so many achievements that are not comp/trim or even Master quest requirements and would AT LEAST fall under the latter. Take this Benedict's world tour... I never knew about this. I check the updates weekely and I am like what is this?!?

Comp only needs to be reworked because of the useless group PVM requirements they've thrown on it.. And it ONLY lacks the relevant requirements because you haven't put the relevant requirement on the appropriate cape of the THREE.

Jagex are wholly to blame for this. Comp only needs a rework in their eyes because of their own failings in updating content to the capes properly

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no that's not the issue. You just twist everything in favour of group PVM. You aren't even comped or close or even want to by you own admissions many times when I have replied to you. You are one of the haters, one of the biggest trolls on this forum and I have no doubt the social media platforms that people like Ramen/Kyle prefer to use because they are too BONE IDLE (by their own admissions) to log into their Staff profiles on the RSOF and speak to the community properly

The requirements for trimmed especially are long winded. extremely life consuming. Castle Wars is a sub 800 HOUR requirement. So yes I will have the mentality to keep the cape ive spent YEARS in getting maintaining to soon upgrading. When stupid stuff like Solak, Content that the entire player base par a minimal 5% didn't want becomes somethign all compers have to complete to stay comped is ridiculous.

Its not about not wanting to do PVM, its not really about Reaper but the narrative of ignoring the player base that votes down any idea of fixed group bossing. Rago and AOD can be massed its not difficult at all to complete but Solak in the poll has got 3% and then 1% of the vote. Again proving it catered to the tiny proportion of the community. The elitist PVM community that wont group with you unless you pay them extortionate amounts of money.

I paid it... There are ideas that are just too aids for this broken game but as I said before the problem is not comp but their staff's inability to listen. People wanted ed1,2/3 to be solo. They were given that option with a cost. You can solo but we're still making it suitable for 3 people to complete. They ask our opinions and then they do the opposite and wonder why they get hate.

Solo shouldn't be the hardmode thought I do solo it so thats my opinion there.

They have failed to put relevant stuff on comp yes, But now their failings require the whole system to be reworked?? not at all

Breezy knows nothing

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Group content fixed the way solak is locks me out...

I own a clan of skillers not PVM elites. So its not a case of compers getting good. When its the difficulty of Solak, fixed to 2 or 7 people. impossible to solo or mass. It locks a lot of people out of it

You either pay extortion or you accept not having your cape.

I don't like that reality. Jagex need to change what they've created there. It's awful. Its not about how good you are but who you know and how much bank you have. This is a game where you are the master of your own world. Solak takes you out of it and puts your fate in others hands. When all the PVMers had the Hall of Memories to contend with.. they knew how we felt a bit. But they can go back to it.. We are locked out of Solak because that community kicks you out if they dont know you or you have no kills already. Its not the same thing.

Jagex got it right with araxxi. You fight it on your own strengths and merits. the option to duo is there but it is more challenging. For some moronic reason it is now harder to solo and easier to team. To force grouping to boss to be the norm but this game just doesnt operate like that. It's not WOW and they are failing big time by doing it.

Everyone I know that can boss looks at solak and is like .... Nah,

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I am going through the achievements section and some of them are completely retarded.

A love note from a Jmod?

In before Bankstand for 1 hour becomes a trim req?


Splitting comp apart is not the answer to different sections of the game. I think Breezy should leave this alone and focus on stuff that's actually needed. Like a DEAD plethora of Minigames they have not updated in around a decade. Rather than choosing the usual lazy option and removing everything.

Comp isn't broken, it doesn't need fixing until it actually becomes broken content like their combat system. Graphically updating T90 power armour and it looks awful. Spending billions to dye sirenic and then it winds up looking like that.

Please Breezy, go boil your head *shakes head* :(

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There is a need for it..

Jagex need to fix things that are actually broken in the game rather than fixing things there is nothing wrong with. Or as continuously proven, do their job and actually add the requirements that should be comp, to the completionist cape

The problem is I have listed several things which should be comp requirements, several things that should have relocked the achievements previously gained with the new updates that have been added

The problem is not comp. The problem is people like Breezy and Ramen and I won't mince my words on this subject, I will say it how it is. Jagex haven't listened to their community. unsurprisingly they have done the opposite.

If Jagex did their job, we wouldn't be needing this discussion tbh. They can remove reaper from comp without it affecting comp. They've released diaries that aren't comp requirements. they've updated the arc achievements without locking off Salty to those that didn't complete them. The Idea that adding reaper or the last music on Solak prevents them from removing the requirements of comp vs reaper.. Is a laod of bull. They can do it, THEY HAVE BEEN DOING IT in numerous other ways. This would be no different

Jagex have shown their incompetence and their idea of totally overhauling comp they've missed the point. undoubtedly they will continue to do so and ruin another decent piece of content in this conquest to fix what's not broken and ignore what is broken.

I will get comp when the update comes. Theres no question about that. I am presently at 1805 tasks and at over 19,000 runescore with only 992 gold tickets left to fully complete the castle wars requirement.

Trimmed depends on what boss requirements they put on it. The only issue I may have are the feats corresponding to Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru

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Idiotest said:
Daibhi said:
This rework has a lot of potential to please both sides of the table here but I also suspect one of the reasons why this gets such an uproar is because, if changes are made namely to reaper etc., those who charge players who can't do that will lose out on probably billions.


I totally agree, it does have the potential to please every side... But I know jagex, after over 12 years playing this game I know the majority will get the raw end of this deal and that the ex streamer mods that are improving comp were the problem in the first place. It was their improving of comp that created this in the first place.

Then we have this, this cba attitude to not add requirements to the cape post an update. to update achievements and fail to unify them with the capes. When this happens again because it will happen again, what then? they have to rework it again?

I dunno, I have no faith and trust in jagex. I think the issues infront of us are created by jagex themselves and think they wont update it to cater or their player base but the ex streamers trying to find ways to line the leech services community of hoardes of billions.

Its actually quite sad.

The best in slot argument is a load of bull.. MAX CAPE has almost the same stats. the difference is 300 lp bonus which comes from the reefwalker cape req.

Max cape is identical in that it holds 3 skill capes.

Comp just acts as a spirit cape/ardycape/firecape (having completed that content separately)

Trim gives nothing extra but fashionscape/flex

The hate for comp is so moronic

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