Comp cape without reaper fix

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As a comp-caped player I found that the Reaper title was one of the most fun-to-do comp cape requirements that there was.

Sure, it was challenging.
Sure, it took effort.
Sure , I died a fair few messy sticky bloodsplattered deaths at the hands of spiders, jellyfish, lumps of rock, and other assorted nasties, along the way.

But ya know what, it was crazy amounts of fun!

Learning all the top-tier bosses was fun in itself, and I found things that I wanted to go back to learn more about, having done the minimum required for comp cape.

It was the Reaper title comp req that was my initial reason for learning how to do Araxxor. After a pit of practice it became something that was both enjoyable and rewarding at the same time.

And after having done the necessary amount of raids to cross off the various comp reqs, I then found myself wanting to go back, to learn all the roles, to get all the armor sets, and to get daredevil title.

That's just 2 examples, I could list numerous more.

Reaper Title requirement for comp cape is a GOOD thing. It shouldn't be nerfed.

03-Mar-2018 05:19:04



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Nex is Life said:

As a PvMer, I hope Solak really will be that hard, but I doubt it. The people who want Reaper removed now are mostly maxednotcomp people who can't deal with existing bosses because they afk revo and don't know how to eat.

Speaking as someone who isn't a specialist PVMer, but does enjoy the occasional bit of endgame combat content, I think that the Reaper title on comp cape is beneficial to the game, and serves an important role in the player path of progression through the game.

It serves as a good introduction to endgame combat for non-specialist maxed combat players, that are going for comp cape. Giant Mole, Kalphite King, and 0% enrage Telos, are essentially playable tutorials in the core combat mechanics of PvM. And the other bosses, can be viewed as applications of the understanding of those core mechanics, the more challenging ones of which, just take a bit of practice.

And its not as if completing the Reaper title necessitates the player to be at, or even close to, the skill-ceiling of PVM, but rather, it shows that they can surpass the skill-floor.

A non-specialist maxed player doesn't need to become an advanced PVMer to obtain their comp cape, they just need to be prepared to enhance their skillset and learn a few new tricks.

And players that straight up refuse to participate in any group content (for whatever reason), are intentionally limiting themselves. In that sense they are a player-defined class (call it 'strictly solo'), in a similar way that lvl 3 skillers or 1 defence pures are player-defined
classes. I don't think that the game should be changed to accommodate their self-imposed limitations.

04-Mar-2018 21:20:20



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And while we're all at it, remove from comp cape requirements:

The lvl 99 combat stat requirements, they are unfair to lvl 3 skillers.
Anything that entails equipping a piece of armor, they are unfair to pures.
Any quest that doesn't have a boss fight in it, they are unfair to PVMers
Any content that takes place outside of the wilderness, they are unfair to pkers.
The music unlocks, they are unfair to players that play with audio switched off.


04-Mar-2018 22:24:09

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