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Aldamir said:
I don't get why conga crashing so hard it takes 40m odd to get the cance at 1 chest and then only 1/60 chance so don't see why crashing so hard look at rainbow scythe and pet they get re released like every 2-3 weeks

I also think conga is underrated. However i can think of people just selling it for a quick 20m from daily keys. They will move up over time.

09-Nov-2018 10:33:20

War tortoise
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War tortoise

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Dieks said:
are the loved up tokens new?

because if they are only 5 days to get them?

the tokens are new the animations are old.

also this promo has been re-run so many times you won't only have 5 days to get them.

Itnachos11 said:
Dieks said:

More like quintuple haha

yes lmao. wtf happened lol
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Itnachos11 said:
Anyone buy or sell shadow gem sacks lately? (For a PC)

Inb one for 3.6b a few hours ago. Used it.

On another note: nib conga 10.7s.
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09-Nov-2018 21:34:36

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