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Basically i was at jad set up to start the attempt again stood just outside the railing by the bank and went to get myself a drink and was logged out by the time i came back so i logged back on to find that all of my items had vanished.

I know i didnt die because i wasn't in my respawn location.
I hadn't moved from where i was so i know no one was on my account and as far as i am aware i am the only one with access.
The items are not in my bank i have looked.

I'd just like to know what happened to them or if i could get them back somehow.
I've tried to contact customer support but i can't find a way to do that so this is my last resort to try and find something out.

08-Nov-2018 23:51:32

Mega Duck
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Mega Duck

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Your account appears to have been compromised, usually either by entering your login details into a phishing website (Usually a replica of the RuneScape login page) or you have downloaded something from a third-party that contained a virus.

Do a full scan of your PC using some of the recommended secrutity software.

Once you have the "all clear" you need to change the passwords on both your registered email and RuneScape account.
Make sure you add 2-Step Verification to your email address and Authenticator to your RuneScape account. Adding 2-Step Verification to your email address is important because if a hijacker was to get into it, they will be able to disable your RuneScape Auth with ease.

Obviously you need to add a bank pin in-game if you haven't already, which isn't something easy to guess or easily obtainable from you, such as your date of birth etc.

has mentioned above, you wont be able to get these Lost Items refunded, if it's not due to an ingame bug that was out of your hands.

Once you have secured your account, take a read of the thread below, it will give you a better understanding of how hijackers operate, making this less likely to happen again in future:
Comprehensive Account Security

Further information can be found on this article:
Account security tips

10-Nov-2018 19:46:09

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same thing happened to me, give me free stuff

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10-Nov-2018 23:23:28

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