T90-Boots Prices WTF

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Hi guys!

I want to ask the following:

> Flarefrost Boots (Lvl 90 Range) ~ 17m

> Emberkeen Boots (Lvl 90 Melee) ~ 43m (?) (2,5x more worth)

> Hailfire Boots (Lvl 90 Magic) ~ 62m (?) (3,6x more worth)

Also at the end of October Flarefrost were like 17m and Emberkeen were 28m. Then in 1 week Emberkeen rose to 45m and Flarefrost are still 17m ?? How can that be ??

And according to the Wiki all Items (to get the boots) have the SAME chance of dropping.

Now one may think: Ok, if it is not the rarity, then it must simply that people dont like range and not even melee that much, but EVERY other armor of course is totally normal in price, when compared (Nex Armor, Barrows Armor, ...)

So what is the reason for this price difference ??

I mean this is just as if Staff of Sliske was 1,3b and Seren Godbow was 350m lol

Ok and at last: A lot people created some Threads just to try to push their own item.
I dont have ANY Flarefrost boots, but yes - actually I had like 20 in October and sold all again 4 weeks later for the same price I bought them
l and now I instabought one prior to create this thread and it came at 16m flat ... = 16b.

So dont insult me trying to do a noob-price-push-thread, its just about this price gap Oo

08-Nov-2018 22:21:26

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There is the chance for Steadfast Scales to drop from monsters in Elite Dungeon 1 so those addons come from that dungeon as well as Rune Dragons. Not a lot of people still do ED1.

There is the chance for Glaiven Wingtops to drop from monsters in Elite Dungeon 2. ED2 is a lot easier and camped way way more.

Elite Dungeon 3 will more than likely include Ragefire Glands as a drop so Hailfire boots will drop in price when that comes out.

Seren godbow was never 350m. No idea where you got that price.

08-Nov-2018 22:46:10

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