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Mega Duck
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Mega Duck

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These types of threads aren't allowed, especially naming and shaming.

If someone encourages you to "Anti-Scam" it can be reported under Encouraging Rule Breaking because that's also a form of scamming.
When reporting the person trying to lure you for Scamming, you can write a small line of text in your friends chat stating that person A is working with person B. Everything is recorded 30 seconds prior to the report and 30 seconds after, so Jagex will be able to see what you have typed.

If you completely missed the window to report them, you can send an email to
explaining the situation and the players involved. Nothing can be done via the forums for rule breaking in-game.

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@ Death Santa - Your opening post has been removed as making accusations about other users by name is not permitted on the forums, and the screenshots that you linked to include the name of the player's you are accusing of scamming.

Best to follow the advice that Mega Duck has given above.

If you need more advice about avoiding or reporting scamming, see the following articles in the Support Centre, or create a thread to ask for assistance in the Community Led Account Help Forum:

Scamming prevention guide
How to report a player

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