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Hello fellow scapers,

I'm in need of a new legacy boss. Meaning a boss without to much mechanics, i know we live in 2k19 and i havn't been living under a rock. So yeah all the new bosses with all the mechanics are great (to some), but they are not great for everyone. Some ppl just can't learn mechanics or just can't be asked.
Personally i do like the new bosses and some of the mechanics are really fun and some are just plain frustrating... I'm more of a legacy guy then EOC guy, that's why im making this thread.
I'm pretty sure theres more ppl out there like me!

I'd like to see a boss where theres less to no mechanics, a boss thats relatively easy to kill but still has some rare (hard to obtain) rewards! Because the boss is easier to defeat the drop rates of uniques should be more rare then bosses that are harder to defeat, to keep prices stable.
So basically i would like to see a boss that has expensive drops, with a small chance of receiving these, while being a "sit back and relax boss".
Also the common drops don't really have to be worth alot, maybe just enough to be able to keep killing the boss without a loss.
So a boss that in the long run can get you a rare item drop, thats actually rare! (and worth alot) But has no, or perhaps just one mechanic, a bit corp like. Or godwars 1 for example.
Take a look at OSRS where people camp corporeal beast for a long period of time to have only a small chance of receiving an item worth around half a billion. This is exactly what im aiming for. Since theres a legacy mode, and people are (asumingly) still using it, why are there only new EOC bosses these days???

Thanks for reading, even though you probably like EOC alot... I really hope on your support on this piece of legacy mode content (which ofcourse, should also be accessible for EOC, unlike most EOC bosses not being accessible for legacy mode O_o)
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You can't balance it that way. The prices of the rares, no matter how rare it is, will drop until the profitability matches existing easy bosses because if the boss has no mechanics, people will just afk the boss regardless of using EoC or legacy. And the influx of drops will cause the prices to drop. °l||l° Modest Skillers T7 Citadel | Skilling clan recruiting players. °l||l°
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Ty for the feedback, i'm not sure how it's suppose to be balanced out to be fair...
But i'm sure it's possible! "Afking" the boss is exactly what im talking about tho.
If keeping the price stable is an issue... (although it would be cool to have a decent legacy money maker) I would even consider them to be untradeable but very usefull, perhaps an upgrade to the spirit shields, to make the new best shield in slot. Ofcourse im just thinking out loud here.
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Not sure what you are talking about... You can do all bosses in legacy ppl have killed them before. You can kill soulgazers which have a rare hexhunter bow drop if you want.

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In my mind "afk" is the opposite of "boss killing".

This is how a healthy game should look, in my opinion:

AFK = skilling, non-slayer & non-boss combat = low but reliable money making and xp

Semi-AFK = Low-Mid Slayer, entry-level bosses = moderate, potentially RNG-based money

Engaging = High Slayer, mid-level bosses = reasonable but RNG-based money

Challenging = high-level bosses = maximum profit potential highly RNG-based

This provides the basis for the full range of players to play how they want and get something out of it while providing the most payout to players who actually want to invest themself into the game. It also doesn't make it ridiculously OP for the players who invest themself, since they still have to get lucky in order to get that high payout, but they know that long term its going to be worth it for them.

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