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I'm not sure what to think of this. I like the idea, I LOVE the initiative you 2 are taking but it feels like Prayer 2.0 or Invention 2.0 this way. For example; playing music to help training Hunter as you stated above sounds like something Invention should be doing. Like an augmented crystal tinderbox.

I'm mostly interested in the PvM aspect of all this.
What I'd like to see in game when I think of music is some sort of aura effects or shields. Think of healing aura's that increase your HP-regen, music that reduces cooldowns of abilities by like 5% or make everyone deal 3% extra damage, or sound barriers acting as a shield? Basically making an actual support class on RuneScape. If you could somehow make it so a dedicated support player goes full-on support (so no hybrid or weapon switch; you'd need some type of robes/armor, "Music supplies" and hey, instruments ;) to be able to support your team with these aura's) and be of actual use for a team to help them survive or boost their damage output WITHOUT devaluing already existing bosses then I think you've got something really nice - also opens up new ways for future content.

For example: a 7-man team at Angel of Death.
Now you would have 1 base tanker, 1 back-up tank and 5 dpsers. A good support should be able to provide enough shields, health or damage boosts so that it's viable to replace a 5th dpser. Just more variety in PvM for those who don't like fighting that much.

If you can somehow make it so this will not be a simple side-switch for PvMers to make use of but an actual role there is more room for these spells or "songs" I guess to be quite powerful. And yes, now I think of it it does sound like a rip-off of Sona from League of Legends, and Lucio from Overwatch but oh well.

Another thing I immediately thought of when I heard "Music skill" was the ability to make music. To create music pieces with friends or solo and maybe even get a little XP for it, or to form an e-band.

20-Mar-2017 01:44:05

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