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Really interesting ideas on making this into a viable skill, especially with the support to non combat skills :)

I always remember having fun on LOTRO playing instruments with friends just messing about and recreating our favourite songs and have always wanted this to feature in other MMO's. Even if this wasn't an actual skill I think it would be pretty cool to be able to jam with your mates :D

One thing I would like to see from this sort of skill would be making it have a strong support presence in combat, especially group pvm. In other rpg's you may have a bard on your team that bolsters the team with buffs, clearing debuffs etc. Not saying I'd want bossing made easier etc but I think it would allow for more dynamic play.

Regardless, nice thread. Support! ^_^
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21-Mar-2017 11:46:24

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Hi Vrael and thank you for your support. We are working on the idea about group bossing. The problem we are facing is we dont want the ability to become too powerful.

My current idea is to have a war drummer in a team. When he plays, he creates a domed area and everyone in the dome will receive a buff in adenaline restore rate. Of course, two domes cannot intercept one another.

The player who has his war dome ability activated must equip his drum. As a result, he cannot use his weapon and becomes inactive in combat.
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21-Mar-2017 12:37:16

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