Dailyscape Reduce: Warbands

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I’m adamantly but politely opposed to this for a variety of reasons.

- Warbands is one of the few DnDs that brings daily activity into the wilderness. For content that is based around player versus player interaction should not be once a month.

- I get around 100k Herblore experience from warbands daily, 200k if I manage to PK someone else carrying supplies. How would that convert into a monthly without being a massive nerf?

- Solo? That kinda defeats the whole point of the wilderness I feel. Edit: Oh, scratch that! I see what you mean.

- The loot should still drop as supplies. I and most people would much rather get 100k Herblore experiences versus a measly 100k. The experience rewards are actually massively op lmao.

I appreciate that your attempting to reduce dailyscape but “some” dailies are okay.
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