Penance King Kill

Quick find code: 194-195-825-66033542

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Need a team to get a successful Penance king kill to unlock "
Pirates of Penance
" soundtrack, It's one of the comp cape requirements.

If you're selling a kill pm me in-game please, tysm! :O

P.s: please move this tread to the appropriate place, if placed in the wrong thread, Thanks!
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08-Aug-2018 04:44:42

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I also need to unlock the same track.

After helping on a team with a player who needed to unlock hm earlier today, my understanding was that they would stay and help me get the penance king fight successfully completed. What actually happened was that everyone but the person they were helping in normal mode left once regular mode waves were completed.

This is another example of why attempting group content is so exasperating.

I'll add you, Dremix. Maybe we can find three more people who also need to get the requirement done. All I ask is that the team perseveres until everyone gets it done.

10-Aug-2018 19:30:37

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