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Mod Lyon said:
Honestly never a title that I thought I would see.. ever..

Session management is something that we can all agree is broken and entirely outdated on the RuneScape website.

It's something that we want to improve, but with mobile and other BTS projects that we have to work on, not something we're likely to be able to improve in the short or medium term. Its a long project affecting every part of the website, hopefully as a part of other work we can look into it and I'm sure we'll shout about it if we ever get the chance.

You should not have to log in, on several tabs you have open, on each tab, if you want to reply to each of them.

Will RuneScape Authenitcator ever be implemented on the RSOF? It serves well in game, but Guthix forbid a hijacker gets into an Fmod account and goes on malicious spree, hiding, locking, removing posts and who knows what else.



30-Nov-2017 15:04:49

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