major fletching expansion

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bur0k 0bama

bur0k 0bama

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FrigOffRick said:
You realize that in this time they could come out with another raiding challenge, right....? Seema like a total waste of dev time.

there's enough raids and things like that, they should improve current content before adding more things

14-Apr-2019 03:58:12

Sir Unami
Dec Member 2018

Sir Unami

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Support, F2p getting Blurite smithing would be the perfect mid tier goal, makes ranging Elvarg more viable, and the pvp usage could be interesting. Some of what you said went a little deeper than I think Runescape needs. But I Support.

21-Apr-2019 12:34:32



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I think F2P should get all skills, just thier would be a bunch of things they couldn't do because the can't enter member area's, like they would get herb drops but wouldn't be able to start herbalour unless they become member (even just one bond) to complete druidic ritual, or agility they would be able to raise it but only after using lamps or bieng a member to level in the gnome tree stonghold, they should get Slayer but limited to F2P areas and NPC's, but that's just my idea, I understand they want people paying for membership but they locked like 90% of the game behind membership, you have to be a member to cook a potato? Or to grow crops in the limited F2P map?

22-Apr-2019 22:40:06

Feb Member 2019


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I like the idea of a range/fletching expansion but ranged is not weak compared to melee lol. have you ever pked using ranged pures? range can/is used as a primary combat style pking, melee is used to finish someone off. Melee is pretty broken for rushing though in p2p. None

25-Apr-2019 17:04:48



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I 100% agree with you, Fletching should "BE" F2P and I also believe that they should add more ranged weapons like metal crossbows and I personaly think that magic bow should be F2P too with it´s special attack included.

13-Sep-2019 21:06:19

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