Invention Elite Skill Suit

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Draco Burnz said:
scousy said:
The elite farming outfit isn't on th so why should this be?

Thats why i said there should be an option to get it ingame.

Draco Burnz said:
Or how about both like the previous ones were?

For ppl who want to get it from th can and those who want to get it ingame get to.

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I don't think they'd do this.

XP rates are nerfed from XP lamp sources.
We don't need skilling outfits for everything.
We already have a number of cosmetics assigned to Invention (Lab Coat pieces and Energy Pack, Pogo Stick)

In addition, Invention isn't exactly trained like other skills. It's closer to Slayer than anything else, because you need to train it along side something else (combat, fishing, wc, mining).
That makes the secondary benefits of the energy reduction untenable since you're likely to be using combat gear or a gathering skilling outfit (Shark/Fisherman, Lumberjack/Sentinel) instead of the Invention setup.

Next, you could do siphoning anywhere and anytime. Not necessarily at a spot where you'd have the luxury of using the outfit.

Next, you some advantages like not using the siphon when extracting xp can be used by leveling up your item above 12.

With the disassembling machines, you might not need the junk reduction chance (unless it would be applied to the machines)

With Invention Potions, those can be used to increase your chance of getting better perks during creation.

Plus getting the fragments is going to be the worst thing possible.
The gathering skills and thieving, you get the fragments every few minutes. With bits during activities related to them (ie: Farming Fragments for Beans from PoF, you can get extra in Shifting Tombs). Dungeoneering awards from completing a Dung floor or periodically during an elite dungeon.
Now, you're either going to have to be doing invention devices a lot, or only getting them during a siphon/dismantle or when your augmented devices reach new item levels.

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