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Uncl said:
I Lack Heart said:
Uncl said:
The point people are trying to make is, TH is harmful. So if it's harmful, show me how removing TH removes the harm. What changes in the game? This thread has some 650 posts. Surely there is a list of reasons how it harms. How the game would be altered by removing TH.
What changes you ask? Gambling addicts will stop spending thousands of dollars monthly on game they are addicted to? Is that good enough change for you or do you enjoy people going 50 000dollars in debt before they have even left their parents?

So in other words, we're all 100% gambling addicts - and we all have an extra 50k is disposable income - that would go to fally and type @@@@@@@@@ everywhere, if TH was removed. People would rage quit. Because that's what addicts do.

I'll add in, TH/SoF combats account buying, in the same way bonds help to stop gold farming and rwt.

Yep and now ppl buy ifb titles and warden titles from other players so they just moved to something else.

13-Sep-2019 09:44:20

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