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Within the past hour or so, I sent in a bug report re: Treasure Hunter and stated that I would post a pic on the forums to help explain further (Reported under "Gameplay" ingame).

It's happened twice now, where I could see 3-4/5 out of the prizes, also the rarity, and this would let me chose what was shown, not sure how to reproduce the problem either:

Has this happened to anyone else?

Thank you. I'm getting this locked immediately.
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It's not a glitch. That is what the current TH promotion does. Near the top of the TH interface is a countdown timer and an information icon. Click the icon to see the details about the current promotion called "Clairvoyance". Monday is the last day for this promotion. For golem/ethereal/shark/divine sim/camo/gorajan/sentinel/trapper/farmer parts, use friend chat: {th trade}

13-Jan-2019 22:56:31

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I've locked this as requested. I thought it was odd when I first saw it as well.
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