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I too, have been troubled by such an issue. When I returned from runescape from my nearly 6/7 year hiatus, I tried out the treasure hunter, and its honestly a great idea. However at the time, I received unbankable and untradeable items so I was locked of a skill like dungeoneering which remains as one of my favorite skills to play. To make matters worse, the items themselves don't indicate whether or not they can be used by free to plays. Yes, they may have the symbol within the treasure hunter interface, but they don't have the programming that allows free to plays to use them. Actions speak louder than words in this case.

Its in this circumstance that I offer a few solutions to this problem of free to plays receiving members items they cant do anything with unless they become members;

1.) Allow claimed member rewards to be broken down into treasure key fragments which allows players to recycle their keys and ultimately reshuffle their reward every 3 or 4 key fragments collected. Basically, 3 or 4 key fragments = one complete key. This prevents people from abusing a recycling system by reshuffling rewards they don't want, but at the same time not excluding players who receive rewards they can do absolutely nothing with.

2.) Remove all members items from the free to play treasure hunter. This option will exclude stars and lamps that said players can do nothing with in the first place.

3.) Update the item descriptions in stating what is member and what is free to play within treasure hunter. As it currently stands, the advertising for treasure hunter keys and its rewards is misleading as it gives all players the notion they can benefit from the rewards it offers. This could be pursued as a lawsuit of false advertising which would probably give the runescape team more of a headache than it already needs, highlighting the urgency of the team to address this issue. Otherwise, they leave themselves wide open to a legal challenge.

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