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Dilbert2001 said:
Petition to who? Deaf ears?

Who are petitioning? I see nobody but just OP perhaps.

RS3 and OSRS are both instant glorification games that players can buy end game items because of Bonds. Why don't you call for removing Bonds from both RS3 and OSRS? Why don't you petition for replacing Bonds in RS3 with buying xp?

Practically if I were Jagex, if I was going to bring in more buying instant glorification items into their games, regardless they are RS3, OSRS or new games, I would keep everything as is (that is TH, Bonds, Runcoins, etc) as is but add new things like buying Thalers, Respect, Castle Wars Gold tokens, etc.

I think OP's "petition" is actually giving Jagex's smart monetization designers new monetization ideas more than anything else. :D

After everyone buys their currencies they will just get bored. It won't work.

29-Jan-2019 18:05:40

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