Bring Back Solite and Lunite

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I missed the god damn event by less than 24 hours because there had been no news update for the past couple of days and thus decided to take a week of doing other things, waiting for new stuff/events to be introduced. And because there was no announcement of the event until it happened and the event only lasted like 2 or 3 days, I really would want to be able to get those cosmetics.
Reason I want to be able to get them: They are among the best, if not the best looking things in-game.

02-Jul-2018 13:42:30

Sir Daddy9
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Sir Daddy9

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I purchased the missing pieces of solite and lunite armour, but they are not showing up as an override. Nor can I re-purchase them with oddiments. How do I fix this? My son introduced me to RS.

16-Apr-2019 18:45:50

Lucd Clarity
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Lucd Clarity

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Wait, they're gone? They were an event? Wow. Thought they were permanant. Jagex really should have mentioned that.
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16-Apr-2019 20:34:24

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Draco Burnz said:
no support.

I mean it only make sense if everything else returned as well, holiday items included.

As it is now, ppl seem to only like to pick and choose what can/cant be rereleased and that makes 0 logical sense.
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17-Apr-2019 17:09:23

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They don't show up as a full outfit customisation, but they are in the separate slots. I just bought Lunite and I saved it as a preset to get around having to select every piece individually. It's weird but I'm happy.

17-Apr-2019 17:34:27

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