Song of the Elves

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since I don't twitch or livestream, and THIS is really the only forum you jmods look at regular, here are a couple QoL suggestions b4 I comment on this update.

-balls of wool- make packs of 100 alongside the regular balls of wool at ardy gen store
- balls of wool- make them a "troll" drop from bosses, like seaweed/unpowered orbs are
-jugs of water- make packs of 100 alongside the gen stores sell jugs (we have packs of water filled vials)
-pots- make packs of 100 next to the reg pots at the gen stores
the game has progressed so much they are needed, when the packs of 100 got implemented into the game (vials, feathers, to many items to mention etc. these I think were overlooked

the update, I voted no when it was polled, still don't like it, it really seems like you, the developers are trying to progress OLD SCHOOL eventually into what rs3 has become, afkable skills that u literly just have to click and then go back to watching w/e vid u were... bosses, we already have plenty, the more you water is down the less unique it becomes, shoot the one even looks very close to what nex looked like originally (lol) the crystal tools... osrs version of sc rewards imo... just my thoughts on the update, please also pass them QoL suggestions to their respective teams --buck

25-Jul-2019 10:35:54

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The anti entangle movement party is ready to continue to vote no to these updates, we will show no mercy until you meet our community half way and only introduce snare to f2p. Again entangles will hurt our community and our loved ones, so we do this with no hate in our heart but out of dire need for you to understand the difference between integrity and polled updates.

May peace be on our side.

P.s- This is not a threat but a promise, we love this game very much.

P.s.s- Rip warding heh

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Nice work but the graphical updates of a lot of the elves in Lletya look absolutely f**king disgusting and I hope you reconsider similar graphical updates in the future or at least poll them.

Also Mod Ed is a hilarious goofball

25-Jul-2019 12:27:03

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