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So now that the poll results are in, could we get more clarification on a few things. First of all, there's Casual, Competitive and High Stakes. I saw on the blog that you would get points for the Competitive and High Stakes games but what about the Casual? I don't want to be staking gp and not get any Reward Points if I get killed, which is very likely because Im Australian and get very bad ping on non Australian worlds which makes PvP literally unplayable. Next is how many players would be the minimum for starting a game and how would that affect the point scoring system? If the bare minimum of players join will I still get more points for being in the 5th-9th bracket if there's the minimum amount of players? How does it scale? Lastly, could you just add Halos also to the Castle Wars rewards shop so they're available from both? Please don't lock cosmetics behind a PvP wall that you have elsewhere in game.

23-Aug-2019 12:59:58

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