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Greek Chaos
Jul Member 2019

Greek Chaos

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I'm entirely displeased with the idea of implementing line of sight into the game. Devs have consistently shot down any and all people asking for the graphics to be tweaked to how they were in 08-09, and always get told no. Because they want to keep it "old school" feeling. And now, you are implementing a feature from the same era Runescape and it will DRASTICALLY hurt solo PVMers. Not everyone is in a clan. Some people like to PVM solo. I don't like this idea and all and am adamantly against it.

16-Aug-2019 09:53:17

Sir Kainoth
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Sir Kainoth

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I agree with the others.
Why change line of sight now?
As far as I know no one has had a issue with it. There are some activities I never would do on RS3 that I enjoy now on OSRS You would "
" :P my fun. I enjoy old school much more since I am board on RS3, I would enjoy it less if you change line of sight on everything. Please leave PvM and Mini Games alone.

Fix it in wildy for PvP if that's what PKr's want but leave the rest alone.

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would have thought that the blunder known as rs3 would be warning and caution classic wow around the corner and your messing with the game that could potentially nuke it all over again #1 leave the line of sight alone alot of people like to do thingz solo theres no issue with it
#2 didnt we vote down vesta wepz from being dropped for the sole reason we didnt want them in the game now u plan on cramming them down our throats with bh is there a reason we vote >??????

17-Aug-2019 05:07:51

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