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AUS Prduct said:
for everyone saying that the buffed neitiznot helm will devalue serpentine helm and therefore plan to vote no. serpentine helm got nerfed so that new content could come out without it having to surpass such a strong item. Serp helm is hardly deserving of being best in slot. A new helmet that requires more than just people's rwt'd gp, is a great addition to the game.

Only thing i do not like about this update is why must this be a master quest. unless there's gonna be more than a helmet as a reward from it i can hardly be bothered and i could imagine many people would agree. I havent even done song of the elves because its just too much effort. All new content seems to be locked behind a long ass quest. getting requirements is hard enough. This is what makes me lose interest in this game.

I would disagree with this, the requirements of quests aren't actually too hard to achieve and it's a good way to set goals for your account rather than just going for x, y or z skill to level 99. The stats for this quest are very achievable and SOTE isn't as bad as you'd expect if you follow a guide for the puzzle.

02-Sep-2019 17:05:14

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I think everything looks good. But I think there should be a higher slayer req for basalisk knights. I believe 88 or 89 slayer should prevent too many coming into the game too quickly. Would make it much harder for the bots to get to that point.

09-Sep-2019 22:31:43

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Batmans spec

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Also the serps helm is so niche anyone arguing ited be devalued doesn't understand that is already practically useless anyways. Its not useful at zulrah, it's not useful in 80% of melee objectives simply because it costs zulrah scales. I believe without the scale cost the helm wpuld be decent enough to use but from my experience, in most situations the serps helm isn't worth using at all already. Having the helmet slot require charges is just awkward and doesn't really fit in the game.

09-Sep-2019 22:37:14

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Reminiscon said:
No support for Helmet.

The helmet is OP. You're devaluing Serpentine Helm for no reason.

Other than that, good content.

To be honest, I would rather see Neitiznot Helm be another addon to Slayer Helm (i). Like the Red Slayer Helm (i) and so on. Have both the stats of Nietiznot Helm as well work as a Slayer Helm.

Also it could be brighter to show that it is in fact a Slayer Helm. A while back people commented they prefered the look of Neitiznot over Slayer and would like to be able to use it as a Slayer Helm.

As for the faceguard, I think it is a rare drop. Also, there is no poison protection so Serp is safe.

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10-Sep-2019 23:38:13

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@Royalty_CA, I understand that you might be frustrated about certain parts of the game, however, that sort of language is unacceptable on these forums. Anything posted on these forums must not be offensive or upsetting. Your post has been hidden.

11-Sep-2019 00:16:51

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Really wish team would focus more on Quests. They seem to run out of ideas for rewards, but quests dont have to open new items. Just locations and story.

Glad to get end to fremennik story though.
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11-Sep-2019 16:07:25

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Definitely voting yes for the quest, but carefully about the helm stats, I mean considering that the quest is does not seems so challenge, this could make a OP helm.

Personally I believe would be better just increase the defence bonus and add some unique perk or so, such as prayer enchance or so, as result would be a balance between the serp and this new helm, so both of them would be have its own use.

19-Sep-2019 17:27:33

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