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This thread is for discussing the latest game announcement that you can read here.
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18-Sep-2019 13:41:34 - Last edited on 18-Sep-2019 13:47:14 by Mod Acorn

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I don't like the idea of Leagues and I certainly don't want to see it in game. Also the rewards gimmick kinda pisses me off because that introduces even more items that some players simply can't get.

Big NO from me,thanks.

P.S. Can you please change the logo of old-school back to the original RS2 2004 one on mobile? Looked a lot better and classic than the current one. And also change back the instances of the word "Gielinor" to "Runescape" because seriously no one cares about the distinction of OSRS vs RS3, WE already know OSRS is the true Runescape!
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18-Sep-2019 16:06:06

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Seems hype for first 2 weeks, will die out afterwards. Rather invest the time developing Leagues into actual game improvements. Just putting it out how it is, don’t bash me :D

18-Sep-2019 17:29:59

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Meh. I'd prefer QoL improvements, maybe a new skill, not a new game mode that will divide the community.
I think if you can manage to grow the OSRS player base even more, then this can be added in the future.

Things that are holding back the player base from growing

-Graphics. I know this might not be popular with a lot of people & many people don't care about graphics.. BUT the graphics definitely turn people away.
They don't have to be RS3 good, but they can at least be a lot better than they are currently.
People dislike RS3 because the combat changes, micro-transactions, etc.
This game doesn't need to be stuck in 2007, it just doesn't need a lot of the bad things that RS3 introduced. The graphics aren't one of those things.

-More QoL improvements. Don't have any specifics, but check the popular community suggestions.

-Movement. The player movement can definitely be improved significantly.

-Once the above 3 things are complete, introduce a new skill. People will flock back to the game to check it out & see all the other improvements that were made, & hopefully be long-time subscribers.

These suggestions are to improve the long-term sustainability of the game.

18-Sep-2019 19:55:59



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I have a question... first, I agree with Miu, but this also sounds like a mini game that you are simply calling a 'game mode'.

On to the question though...

That news post includes this statement:

"Each limited-timed League has its own ruleset designed to test your skill, your determination, and your Old School knowledge."

So, limited time.. like the king of skill (or whatever it was called) but for all of old school, not just skills... a 'race to the top' of high scores that will then be wiped out when the next round starts? No, that's not my question..

"has it's own ruleset"?

So.. one of those "rulesets" is a round of nothing but pvp.. right?

Y'all are grasping at straws now.

Will you actually be polling this or will you simply call it an "integrity fix"? I mean.. don't poll it and watch it fail and then shove it in anyway.

A race to the top of hiscores... a week at a time? Pssh! You guys are so much better than that.. or.. you used to be.
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18-Sep-2019 20:03:15

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Another game mode? And rewards that link to the main game? Just stop. Please. Runescape isn't meant to be a race or a set rules kind of game, what you're trying to introduce doesn't fit with the OSRS Theme at all. Can you really imagine new players trying this content out and enjoying it? I can't. So who is this supposed to be aimed at? Regular players/long term players? Why are you trying to distract them from playing the main game? Trying to delay players from progressing too fast? I don't understand what this content is for, who it's for or what its' objective is. Just keep focusing on QOL content for now and Quests too. Keep looking out for good content that players recommend on various media and refine it so it's something many can enjoy. Don't try and shoe horn in ideas and waste Dev Time.

19-Sep-2019 11:51:12

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