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Meh. I'd prefer QoL improvements, maybe a new skill, not a new game mode that will divide the community.
I think if you can manage to grow the OSRS player base even more, then this can be added in the future.

Things that are holding back the player base from growing

-Graphics. I know this might not be popular with a lot of people & many people don't care about graphics.. BUT the graphics definitely turn people away.
They don't have to be RS3 good, but they can at least be a lot better than they are currently.
People dislike RS3 because the combat changes, micro-transactions, etc.
This game doesn't need to be stuck in 2007, it just doesn't need a lot of the bad things that RS3 introduced. The graphics aren't one of those things.

-More QoL improvements. Don't have any specifics, but check the popular community suggestions.

-Movement. The player movement can definitely be improved significantly.

-Once the above 3 things are complete, introduce a new skill. People will flock back to the game to check it out & see all the other improvements that were made, & hopefully be long-time subscribers.

These suggestions are to improve the long-term sustainability of the game.

18-Sep-2019 19:55:59

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