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not exactly a big fan of this idea, we should stick to PvP contests because they are more exciting to watch.

plus a few big prizes for the very best players is better in my than them being split up to tiny little prizes for a lot of players.

And PLEASE no ingame rewards earned from a different gamemode.

plus if it is just normal runescape, it will be extremely boring and i feel not many will bother playing when they could just play runescape like normal.

Let us lower Combat
try looking at my old school runescape suggestions wikia! just search for it on fandom and you should find it.

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I cannot support the proposed rewards for this game.

If we have said it once we have said it 1000 times... NO COSMETICS!!!

They only serve to distract from the “feel” of the old school visuals we all love so much and they devalue the other holiday items as well as expensive/ hard earned items which appear similar.

We literally just had a vote on the faces of the elves in SOTE not “fitting in” with the themes in OSRS. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING?

Us players want fixes and QOL improvements to existing content instead of distractions.

Please, I ask that you refrain from introducing content like this in the future...and if you insist, you better plan on making a backup of the server as it exists now so that you can introduce yet another version of OSRS because this one won’t last long.


26-Sep-2019 04:29:34

Andy Badboy

Andy Badboy

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Just stop with those game spin-offs already. Focus on the main thing cause this is starting to look like a cluster**** , plus the cosmetic stuff , really? the in game characters will start to look confusing and just because you introduce useless items into the game .

02-Oct-2019 15:28:06

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Seems like a huge waste of dev time when they could be working on improvements to OSRS. There is a massive list of things for the devs to do, yet they will work on this new stuff. If they had the man power I wouldn't care, but it is well known they don't.

Would you clarify if the Relics unlocked carry over to the next league? I saw the stream and it sounded like this would be the case. I'm not going to sink a ton of time into something unless there is a payoff for the future.

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A suggestion to try to improve this League idea.

Have a League Quest for each League. An Easy-Mid quest that first becomes available during the League based in the selected location. After the League ends the quest becomes available for all the Normal Characters to complete.

If a League Character completed the League Quest it will be completed for the Normal Character. The rewards of the quest (Xp and items) would be able to be collected at the League Store if the Normal Character has the levels to have done the quest.

Perhaps this quest will be easier with the right Relics unlocked? Some may play the League just to get the quest done sooner, while others will wait until after to play.

Since the item is made available to the Normal Character via that store. They will have the item for a time when others don't. Those who don't participate will have to wait in envy before getting it.

This League Quest however should not interfere with the Quest cape until after the Quest is available to everyone as a Normal Quest. Tears of Guthix will give that small boost of time for having the Quest points.

Normal Quest within the locked areas of the League should still be playable, but those won't unlock for the Normal Character. Should a player wish they can have the League Store dump the quest Items and Xp; meaning they want to to do the Quest (again) as their Normal Character.

Poll: if the quest item is lost on the Normal Character. Should it be able to be reclaimed right away by whatever method the quest had for it to be reclaimed, or wait until the League ends?

Poll: if trade-able it would probably be costly on GE as there would be limited number for a time. This could make doing the League profitable. Or should this item only be made trade-able after the League ends?

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"Welcome to Old School RuneScape!

Relive the challenging levelling system and risk-it-all PvP of the biggest retro styled MMO. Play with millions of other players in this piece of online gaming heritage where the community controls the development so the game is truly what you want it to be!"

Where is the dedicated poll question inquiring if the community wants leagues?

Q: Why are you working on this and not Group Ironman or Account Security?
A: Leagues is all content work whereas Clans and Group Ironman require some platform work and Account Security falls under an umbrella of different teams such as technical services. We can offer Leagues now, whereas we can't do that with updates that require input from other departments. We know there is an appetite for Group Ironman and Account Security and we are keen to offer you updates when we can.

A: Player retention. The only way we can achieve that is by following what the industry is doing, we don't know how to run the game as used to. The massive free exposure is a bonus. Helps to maximise our margins.

Suggestion to the community: Remember the minigame shop poll? Lets do it again and make all league rewards fail the poll.

02-Oct-2019 21:52:19

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