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This thread is to discuss the latest game update newspost found here.
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19-Sep-2019 09:55:35 - Last edited on 19-Sep-2019 10:02:12 by Mod Gambit

H 17

H 17

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Yet still NO fix for OSRS Mobile Looting issues.

This is over a month now :/

As Mobile Only, I am prevented from picking up items when barraging/bursting my slayer tasks, especially Nechreal or Dust Devil.

I'm Cancelling my Membership this month, why pay for a broken game, where Jagex fails to acknowledge that there is an issue....

19-Sep-2019 11:04:24

Feb Member 2019


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Anyway this week's update is the kind of short and sweet update I like, and hyped for the new quest next week!

Also If at all possible could you please re update the logo on the logon screen for mobile to be the original that is also on desktop? It looked a lot better and who cares if someone gets confused they didn't play the "real runescape" when we all know OSRS is the true RS!
OSRS the most difficult game of 2019 no easyscape allowed!!

19-Sep-2019 12:53:44

Pink Dragon
Oct Member 2018

Pink Dragon

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In my opinion, it's nice and refreshing to have a short and sweet update like this. But also nice to have a big update now and then too.

- The new teleport to dark crabs is a nice addition, so thank you for that.

- POH costume addition is always useful, as bank space is very important to a lot of people, myself included.

- OSRS Leagues - Interesting, I will look forward to see more about this. Not too sure whether I will be participating in this though, as I have a main and an iron man that I play. I don't support cosmetics being brought in to the main game from OSRS Leagues though, So I will actually be voting no to that.

- Fremennik Exiles - I'm very excited for this, and i'm sure Mod Wolf has done a fantastic job with it. I love quests.

- New merch - Is always nice ^_^ good on her for making these. If only I had spare money to buy them.

- In Other News - Thank you for ironing out issues and addressing them every week, it's greatly appreciated

19-Sep-2019 18:54:23

Aug Member 2018


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Can you please do but fixes on mobile for the looting mechanic. Nobody cares about a dumb "examine" option. I've been reporting it for a month now and I'm not about to pay 5m for a bond, when I won't be able to mobile pk. I only play your game on mobile, I've given you guys a lot of money for y'all to just dismiss it. The customer service from this game is pretty bad. That I can forgive, but I'll not fund a neglectful bug fix team. I am grateful for mobile, however if it isn't upkept as the game client is I see no point.

And to the fella telling the other guy exploiting this issue to STFU should be banned. This is a public forum not your inbox kid...

19-Sep-2019 21:12:16

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