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I'm not a Jmod, but might be able to give some tips..

You will need to know at least 1 old password, when submitting a recovery here.

If you do remember the registered email, simply log into it and click the email from jagex, prompting you to change pass.

If you're unsure what the registered email is anymore, click "I don't have access to that email address."

Fill out the form with the email you wish to get replied too, then fill out the rest of the boxes with the earliest and most accurate information possible.

Make use of the "Other Comments" box, adding things such as:

* Accounts you have played at the same time
* Any change of location, along with dates
* Any receipt ID's for any purchases you have made

Anything that proves the account is yours should be added to the "Other comments section" This
does not
include Ingame bank pin, dates when you achieved 99's etc..

If you receive an automatic "Denied" email back straight away, it means you have failed the automatic checks, which you have entered in the boxes provided.
If the email takes a while to come back, you have passed the automatic checks and need to add more things to the "Other comments" section.

I hope this helps, this post is better suited in the 'community led account' section though, so i'll ask to get this thread moved there for you, so you don't need to re-create this post.

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Mega Duck

Mega Duck

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Tren said:
Thread moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum

The best place to start is the Support Centre. The Can't log in? article should get you started.

@ Mega Duck - Please make sure that you are not linking directly to contact or recovery forms. Instead it is requested that you link to the relevant page in the Support Centre, where players can read the instructions before submitting a form. (See Community Led Account Help Forum Rules.) Thanks


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