OMG ive been banned HOW?!?!?!?

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If the ban was caused by the hijacker, read through this article carefully before clicking the button at the bottom:
Account Bans

Note that it can take up to 28 days to get reviewed, but it's usually done much sooner.

I advise you to run a scan on your computer, before submitting an appeal.

Jagex recommended security software

Make sure you make use of RuneScape Authenticator, it is very effective in stopping 3rd parties access your accounts.

Finally, add 2-step verification to your registered email, it will protect your RuneScape authenticator from easily being disabled.

Instructions for how to add 2-step verification


I'll also leave this here for you to take a read of, it includes troubleshooting hijacking, different methods which hijackers use and how to make the best of all the security features available:

Comprehensive account security

Hope this helps. :)

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